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    Interactive mixology tables run by All Spirits Events will provide a casual, fun-networking atmosphere for you and your industry colleagues!







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    Event Pro’s Manage Stress!

    On January 8th ISES NY Metro met at Chelsea Piers – Sunset Terrace to talk STRESS! And how to learn to DEAL with it!

    We were privileged to hear from a panel of professionals that all deal with STRESS from different angles, YOGA teacher deluxe, Elena Brower, owner of VIRAYOGA; NUTRITIONIST, Samantha Rigoli from the Healthy to the Core; and PSYCOLOGIST, Doctor Karen, Karen Binder-Brynes Ph.D!  ISES NY Metro’s own president Paul Neuman from Neuman’s Kitchen moderated the panel!


    SEE it through the lens of Mackler Studio’s fantastic photography at their gallery, or on the ISES Facebook page.

    READ all about it below!


    Sequence Events – Faye Rausch – TAKE A DEEP BREATH…then read

    Pink Deb – Debra Roth – Event Pro’s Manage Stress!

    Jessica Dillon – @JADillon22 – read the live tweets from the event below!

    • Feel the wholeness of your experiences – even embarrassment, who or what you can’t forgive. Meditate for 5 minutes/day

    • Breathing is a gift. More oxygen creates an inhospitable environment for disease

    • “You take care of who you are in that moment and be an example, everyone will fall into place beautifully”

    • Clarity, directionality, elegance, purpose comes from all of us meditating for five minutes each day. We all impact each other

    • You don’t have to go to the mountaintop to meditate. Take five minutes a day

    • Healthy fats (avocados, nuts) sustain you through a long event. Start off with a good breakfast – high fat and fiber filled foods

    • “It takes time, money, thought, prep – it’s an investment to not grab fast food. Fast food is not an option for me”

    • Don’t obsess about numbers as long as you’re getting an appropriate balance throughout the day

    Dr. Karen
    • We become over-adrenalized when we are stressed. Over-adrenaline will always overtake our ability to think

    • Asking for help is so therapeutic and helpful. Go to someone you trust and ask. Acknowledging you’re overwhelmed is a relief

    • “Walking away from a situation even for a second if you can is so important”

    • Recognize how you react to stress and get to know yourself so you know what to do to react. You’ve got to breathe

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