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    Member Profile : Joe Pari of TEN31!

    Making Pretend with New York Area Event Planners

    What does a company that creates living performance art for events do for an

    encore? TEN31’s “products” includes trees, bronze historic figures, ancient Greek

    mythological figures painted in gold, mermaids, stone gargoyles and more.

    ISESNYC member Joe Pari, co-founder of TEN31, (check out their facebook here!), the living art performance

    company, works on constantly outdoing himself and his team to come up with new

    ways to bring objects to life.

    Recently, TEN31 was hired by Empire Force to create custom costumes to be incorporated into Empire Forces Events’ steampunk decor and environment that they designed incorporating one of the latest trends….STEAMPUNK!

    Steampunk – a sci-fi design vibe that brings together steam-powered machinery from 19th the American west.

    TEN31 collaborated with another ISESNYC member, Empire Force Events, to create

    a Steampunk environment for an event in Atlantic City. The installation had “an

    industrial steam-powered feel with gears and time pieces as themes,” Pari said.

    TEN31 has a warehouse full of unique costumes and props it has developed over its

    14 years and was able to “steampunk them up” for the job, which included circus

    performers, acrobats, magicians, ballerinas and aerialists. How do you make a

    circus ringmaster “steampunk?” Give him a steam-powered whip. And add goggles

    to that Victorian maiden, and give that ballerina a mechanical balancing parasol and

    a clock-faced corset. Such is the design world inhabited by TEN31. (The company’s

    name comes from 10/31 – Halloween.)






















    TEN31 creates and recreates itself anew for every event it does, yet its prices

    are surprisingly reasonable. A New York event planner can hire a performer

    for an evening of three to four hours for about $1000, depending on the level of

    customization needed, with additional cost for more performers.

    If you’re wondering what types of events TEN31 works on, Pari notes the firm’s

    range goes well beyond trade shows and marketing events. How about a scavenger

    hunt in which TEN31’s statue performers supply clues to participants? Or

    positioning the firm’s characters at the entry to a formal dinner event to add a

    unique wow factor? If you’re having a large number of guests and serving buffet

    style, position TEN31’s performers near serving stations to entertain while people

    wait for food.


    To learn more about TEN31, visit their website (which is very entertaining – be sure

    to watch the videos) at www.wemakepretend.com.  All Photos courtesy of Empire Force Events


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