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    ISES New York Metro Chapter
    Programs & Education Committee
    Thank you to our speakers and sponsors.

    BETSY KENT launched BE VISIBLE ASSOCIATES, LLC, an Internet marketing agency, in 2006. Betsy was one of the first people in the New York metro area to work with businesses to help them implement Internet marketing programs. In fact, when she got started Yahoo was the biggest search engine and Google was just a blip!
    She has personally worked with business owners from at least 50 different industries and has vast experience in search marketing, SEO, social media, blogging, and website development.Betsy is best known for her ability to cut through the clutter and explain what are often complex concepts in ways that non-techie people will understand and embrace. She understands the frustrations that business people face when it comes to the Internet and that’s why her blog Just Ask Betsy and her social media pages are full of helpful tips written in a way that anyone can understand.Betsy’s mission is to help businesses that are struggling with their websites, confused about blogging, and mystified by Social Media. She has managed a zillion online marketing programs, written hundreds of blog posts, and spent hundreds of hours deciphering social media. She is a veritable wealth of information.

    Today Betsy’s energy is focused on teaching entrepreneurs how to attract their ideal clients, get the recognition they deserve, and super-charge their sales using the web.

    Check out her free webinars and her live online courses on the website: ?www.bevisibleassoc.com
    Connect with Betsy on Social Media:
    Reach Betsy directly by
    e-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: 917-710-3074

    MAISHA WALKER is Founder and President of MESSAGE MEDIUM, a digital marketing agency that helps successful brands harness the power of digital to achieve aggressive growth. After working in direct marketing and finance, Maisha became one of the early experts in the digital marketing industry in the mid-90’s and after 18 years she is still innovating.
    Maisha is a featured online columnist with Inc. Magazine where she created “The Internet Strategist” and grew it to the highest trafficked blog on Inc.com in less than 1 year. Her column has been quoted and featured by such diverse brands as Business Week, Guy Kawasaki, the former editor of Entrepreneur magazine, the American Marketing Association and even Perez Hilton. She has also toured the country with companies like JP Morgan Chase, Deluxe, Capital One, been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, on Fox News and on NBC news for her insights on Internet Marketing and has worked on digital marketing campaigns for clients including Mars Chocolate, Columbia University, Unilever, WJ Detusch the owner of Yellow Tail wines, NBA player Kyle Lowry, Save the Children, Karlsson’s Vodka and more. She started programming at the early age of 9.
    Web site: http://www.messagemedium.com
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/messagemedium
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/maishawalker
    Twitter: @maishawalker
    Inc. magazine: http://www.inc.com/author/maisha-walker


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