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  • 15 Social Media TIPS!

    What a great night learning all about Social Media from our experts Jessica Levin @JessicaLevin,  Anne Chertoff @AnneChertoff and Rebecca Woodman Taylor @rwtnyc moderated by Elizabeth Beskin @ElizBeskin.

    We have 5 TIPS from each expert. That is 15 in total!

    Jessica Levin @JessicaLevin’s hot tips!

    1.  Remember it’s “Social” media.  The more that you can get real people connected, the better you will do.

    2. Know where your audience is.  Each social network has unique demographics. Engage where your people are.

    3.  A pictures tells a 1000 words. Then those 1000 words get amplified by your audience.  Great photos get a lot of attention.  Make sure to tie them back to your message and event details.

    4. It’s not free.  More and more social networks are charging for exposure.   Facebook ads can get very granular and target the right people.  Keep an eye out as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat rolls out ads to the general public.  They could be game changers.

    5. Websites still matter and are the digital asset that you own.  Invest in a professional site and/or use a tool that tells your story and your event story.

    Anne Chertoff @AnneChertoff and her pearly gems!

    1. When adding hashtags to a post, add them at the end of the caption and only pick a few relevant ones.

    2. Think about the Instagram grid and how all your photos look together collectively.

    3. It’s okay to repost the same image on multiple networks but don’t post them all at once. Space them out over hours or even days.

    4. Don’t let social media posting overwhelm you.  Create a schedule or edit calendar to help you stay organized.

    5. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different with your social media accounts to see if it increases followers and engagement.  If it does great, and if not, try something else!

    Here are Rebecca Woodman Taylor’s 5 tips for Social Media:

    1. Your brand is a marketing campaign that never ends.  So it’s important to maintain a consistent social media presence.

    2. Hashtags work best when we are thinking about like-minded search words.  Try not to use search words that are to obscure.

    3. Imagery is an important part of your message, use photos that best represent your brand.

    4. It’s ok to tell your “story” more than once on your social media channels.

    5. One of the most appealing things about social media is its approachability. Consumers start their online relationship with companies and individuals who are approachable and relatable. In my opinion, writing forsocial media is almost like writing a conversation. The language should be easy-going and informative. It’s easier to remember a “message” if the story is a good one.





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    A Great Opener!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.58.40 PM

    What a great night in was! Stage 48 really rocked it out with their great space on all FOUR floors including a Rooftop with midtown views!   Great food and drink including an interactive guacamole station!

    CoCo Events got us started right up with a giant Lite Brite with our #ISESNYC Hashtag! And Q Lights and Sound for the lights!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.58.16 PM

    Our program on Social Media brought together Elizabeth Beskin  @ElizBeskin, Anne Chertoff @AnneChertoff, Jessica Levin @JessicaLevin, and Rebecca Taylor @rwtnyc. The conversation covered Facebook and Twitter, blogging, paid ads and what the future of the digital landscape might look like.

    The Originators Bubble Stage Set Backdrop highlighted the ISES NYC brand and flattered the presenters. Thank you Debra Roth and Marc Posnock!

    On the roof activations engaged our members and guests. Eventopedia – have now arrived in NYC, and we had them here for their premier, all the way from London. Thanks Tobi Heelis and Alan Newton.

    Veritas Studio Wines  tasted wines from their specialty, small production organic and bio-dynamic wines from around the world, meet Jeremy Kaplan and Mike.

    rhonda afrAFR’s cool furniture now let’s you charge as you have a variety of table and other furniture items. Thank you AFR and Rhonda Cosaluzzo!

    Donvil and VeeKast got the word out there on all the screens! Visually interesting and well organized the social media feed and acknowledgments to the sponsors are a welcome addition to any digitally active event today!

    Symmetry has brought printing to our chapter and this was no exception.  Thank you Symmetry and Sharon Kleinberg!

    Natural Expressions gave great advice on Instagram and got people up and going.  And thank you Frank Ammaccapane and Jessica Campbell from Natural Expressions for the photography!

    MORE PHOTO’S HERE – gallery (password ises)

    High res download

    PLEASE POST and use #ISESNYC and credit @naturalexpressionsNY

    Yummy food, Great drinks and networking, combined, all these parts and pieces created a hit of a kick off!

    Get ready for OKTOBERFEST at The Central Park ZOO!

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    Don’t miss our FALL KICKOFF!


    Summer is a fading memory as the smell, look and feel of fall is in the air we prepare for our FALL KICKOFF Event! A live dialog with social media marketing experts on Monday night September 21.

    Our host Stage 48 – 605 West 48th St. at 11th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen boasts big space, state of the art tech, great views and then there is networking, food and drink of course!

    Our experts tonight Jessica Leigh Levin, Anne Chertoff, Rebecca Taylor are guest hosted by our own Elizabeth Beskin.  This power women chat is centered around social media, marketing and communications for your business.

    Jessica Leigh Levin MBA, CMP, CAE  and her company Seven Degrees Communications is all about connecting people and embracing technology.

    For Anne Chertoff’s company Anne Chertoff Media strengths run from digital strategy, content creation and social media to pubic relations, marcom and bizdev.

    Rebecca Taylor  is a Social Media Story Teller with her own brand of social media story telling!
    #hashtag = #story … what’s yours?

    And of course our own International Special Event Society member Elizabeth Beskin of Fifth Avenue Digital is an early adopter of Social Media, well versed in blogging, and many social platforms as well as uses the digital medium and social media marketing to advance her photography business.

    You asked and we are delivering! We are here to celebrate together, fun and learing…Get ready for Giant Light Bright, Learn how to get the best PHOTO’s and Instagram them, Interactive Guacamole Station…and MORE (like a wine tasting…!!!)

    September is already off and running so make sure you get to Stage 48!

    Register HERE!


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