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    Dear New York Metro Chapter members and event industry friends,
    Did you know that the New York Chapter of International Special Events Society has been around for almost 30 years? In that time, International Special Events Society has become the preeminent event industry organization in the world. That’s not a boast, that’s a fact.
    For those of you who already drank the cool-aid and know all about the International Special Events Society, what I’m about to say won’t come as any surprise. But for those who have been on the fence about joining our organization, allow me drop some information and numbers on you.
    People ask me about the “VALUE” of joining, particularly in the context of rapidly increasing resources on the internet and other industry groups around town. You know what I say? It’s US! It’s the people in New York, across the country and around the globe who join and work to grow this organization because we enrich our work from the diverse perspectives, useful information, and professional event partners in our society. The support that we give one another is our greatest asset.
    I love the fact that International Special Events Society is made up of so many different event professionals from every facet of the business. Social, corporate, profit, non-profit, planners, and vendors… everyone has a voice. And in my opinion, everyone in this system is a true pro. Most everyone that I’ve met is not a part of this association just as a money-grab to see how many new contacts can give them work. Quite the opposite in fact, most people are here because they truly care about their profession and the industry as a whole. These are the people that make up the International Special Events Society.
    When you think about the fact that the International Special Events Society as a whole has over 7,000 members and 49 chapters around the world, that’s a helluva support system, right?
    The 2015-2016 calendar year is going to be an exciting one. Led by Jessica Alton (Thomas Preti Caterers) and Mark Musters (StudioMamu), this year’s monthly events are going to be incredibly engaging. Not only are we going to make them informative and provide a SERIOUS educational component to them, but also we’re going to make them FUN TOO! We hope you join us for each and every meeting!
    Whether you’re an industry veteran, or just breaking into the field, our chapter will prove to be an invaluable resource. As president of the New York Metro chapter, my door is always open to every member AND prospective member. Email me, call me, text me anytime and ask me how I think the International Special Events Society can make a difference for you.
    Darren Olarsch, New York Metro Chapter President
    International Special Events Society
    On The Move Entertainment, President
    office: 212-229-1009
    mobile: 201-725-6113
    e-mail: [email protected]