So You Want to be an Event Producer!

The Industry of Many Colors
By Liz Glover Wilson, CMP, CSEP

I still cringe when I hear the words “What a fun job you have planning parties!” Sure, my job is fun, but not like – drinking a glass of champagne, posing in my stunning Prada pumps on a yacht, rubbing elbows with celebrities – kind of fun.

If I am on a yacht with celebrities, I am most likely orchestrating the details between the captain and the host, talking to the chef, watching the servers, cueing the musicians, tracking down the cleaning crew, handing out motion sickness meds and making sure that all celebrity handlers know they are the MOST important . . . oh, and of course I would be praying it doesn’t rain (but ready to pull the trigger on Plan B if the sky decides to open).
That is the kind of fun I have!

With all that fun, it is still hard for me to believe that I have been doing this for nearly two decades now. And while I have been duly warned of the career fatigue that often is associated with our fast paced business, I have remained inspired both creatively and intellectually by my career.

The event industry is rich with opportunities: an environment that provides endless avenues for professional development. I like to call it the ‘industry of many colors.’

As an example, in my own colorful journey, I have moved between corporate, social and non-profit event planning. I have played various roles during my career from junior planner to middle manager, volunteer, partner, vice president, speaker, mentor, boss and today, a business owner. Over the years, I have mastered budgeting, marketing plans, vendor management, staff coordination, strategic planning, presentations, and project management. I have dabbled with (and am pretty darn good at) production, decor, marketing, celebrity management, script writing, website building, content development, story boards, curriculum overviews and even floral design. I have worked with everyone from Mikail Gorbachev to Arianna Huffington. There  was even the time I accidentally stepped on President Clinton’s foot (long story)! I have produced community events, sporting competitions, half million dollar weddings, large galas, and even a few bat/bar mitzvahs and a wedding at a brewery. My career has been (and remains) full of color and options.

So here it is, whether you are new to the industry or are on the cusp of burn out – in desperate need for something fresh – simply embrace the many colors our industry offers. Allow yourself to creatively dream of the various ways you can grow and build your career.

Dare to embrace the full colors of our industry. I encourage you to explore, keep an open mind, try new things, expand beyond your comfort zone and remember the journey is the fun part!

So what is your color? Don’t forget, you can choose more than one!

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Visit Liz Glover-Wilson‘s bio to learn more about her and her company Elizabeth Rose Consulting.

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Educational, Fun and Yummy!

We’ve  outdone ourselves this time.  ISES Metro NY has discovered the Fountain of Youth, and we’re sharing it with the New York event planning community at a very special cocktail reception and hands-on pastry-making class at the International Culinary Center on Feb. 10, from 6-9pm.Guests get a hands-on experience making classic choux pastry from scratch,  creating their own pâte à choux pastry, baking it, and then filling their pastry with an array of sweet and savory fillings provided.Our emcee for the event, ISES Metro NY President-Elect Darren Olarsch, will guide event planners through the process of creating a participatory, experiential event like this one.Oh, the “Fountain of Youth”: it’s just one of the specialty cocktails we’ve dreamed up just for this occasion. And it really works. Come and you’ll see!Register now.
Feb. 10, from 6-9pm.
International Culinary Center
28 Crosby Street (@ Grand Street) 5th floor
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January Snaps!

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Education & Networking


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