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  • 15 Trends & Client Loyalty: The Re-Cap

    On Tuesday January 31st the ISES NY Metro chapter held it’s monthly Chapter event with special guest speakers David Adler, Founder & CEO, BizBash Media and Jennifer Trethewey, founder The JT Group and Chair of ISES Australasia. The gathering was graciously hosted by the Andaz 5th Avenue in their innovative Apartment 2E meeting space. The open kitchen and lounge areas of this residential environment created a warm and intimate setting.

    The Andaz prides itself on serving farm fresh food with seasonal and creative menus tailored specifically for each event.  After enjoying networking, wine and delicious mini hors d’oeuvres guests were guided to the meeting and treated to a bird’s-eye view of the historic New York Public Library.

    View the event photo gallery HERE

    David Adler opened the program with 15 Trends in 15 Minutes. Always entertaining, cutting-edge and insightful, David show-cased Prezi, a zoomable cloud-based presentation software. He began by encouraging us as Event Planners to think like a Summer Camp marketer from the 1960’s. Like camp, an event should be a unique, memorable experience that bonds a group.

     Here are just some of the other topics he touched upon:

    • Cost and pricing pressure is not dead
    • Manage your Social audience
    • The rise of the non-planner, Planner. Ex: MeetUp
    • Entrepreneur Power
    • Old-Fashioned skills need fine tuning

    View and interact with the full presentation HERE:

    We were lucky to have Jennifer Trethewey join us all the way from Australia by way of her visit to Tampa for The Special Event. Jennifer’s discussion Client Loyalty: The New Currency emphasized that managing and maintaining clients is in our hands.

            • Ask your self “Would you do business with you?”
            • Continually educate your staff
            • What are your brand touch points?

    Jennifer elaborated on her 10 step program and outlined how to ensure maintaining client loyalty to your brand. She challenged us to think about our own operations and branding and whether we are putting our best foot forward with our clients.

    See the full presentation HERE

    The common thread between both David and Jennifer’s conversation was the rapidly changing times and how to successfully adapt to them.  Each speaker brought their innumerable expertise to the table and created teachable moments for all attendees.  Special thanks to our AV sponsor for the night, AV Workshop and the Andaz 5th Avenue.

      About the Author:

    • Jackie Tan Jackie Tan, Director of Marketing for Neuman’s Kitchen, is originally from LA and moved to NYC 4 years ago to pursue her passion for event planning. Before coming to Neuman’s Kitchen she’s worked as a freelance planner and diamond auction coordinator. She is currently serving her 2nd term on the board of International Special Events Society (ISES), NY Metro Chapter as the Director of Programs and Education. She has planned ISES’ monthly educational and networking events as well as the first Annual ISES Bootcamp for emerging event professionals. As Neuman’s Kitchen’s project manager she is managing all companyRead the Rest…


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