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  • Debra Roth

    Debra Roth began her artistic expression as a student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in the early 1980s. From sculpting in metal to performance art movement, Debra combined postmodern dance production with abstract-shaped costumes made of stretch-fabric that she, literally, performed within. And to enhance the theatrical experience, she designed and sewed brightly-colored, highly imaginative stretch-fabric stage elements — complete environments, all of which became the basis of her business, Pink Inc. over thirty years ago.

    Seeing a viable outlet for her work, Debra entered the special event marketplace where her innovative stretch-fabric structures and unique costumes have become the most sought-after and long-standing decorative design products the industry has known.

    Attesting to the prominence and power of Debra Roth and her Pink Inc. brand, they were  acquired by Moss, Inc. in 2010.

    Today Debra and her business partner Marc Posnock have created The Originators, a leading tension fabric structure design, build and rental company to continue their artistic vision in the event decor and design community.