Join a Committee or Volunteer

Our chapter is run by volunteers.  We welcome your input and participation on a single event / project basis, or an on-going / committee basis.  Below please find our committees and the people to contact if you are interested in getting involved.

Programs & Education

The lifeblood of our chapter is Programs & Education, the committee that plans and organizes all our educational events, networking programs and our annual gala, the Big Apple Awards.  Contact Sandra Winstanley c/o


If you want to get involved in the branding and messaging of our chapter, Communications is where it’s at, overseeing our website, email blasts, marketing of our events, and all social media platforms.  Contact Beth Eisgrau-Heller c/o


The best committee for networking and meeting new people, the Membership Committee is responsible for driving new membership, and for improving the value of membership to our existing members.  Contact Morgan Steele Connacher

Twin Chapter

This committee spearheads our joint programs with our sister chapter in London, ISES-UK.  Contact Paul Neuman c/o


To volunteer for a single event or project, contact our chapter’s Executive Director, Joan Sherman at 646-820-0474, or by email at