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    We have extended our deadlines! Enter your Award Winning Events to our Big Apple AWARDS! May 15 Late deadline May 22!

    The Categories are:

    1. Best Catering Solution Throw your hat in the ring if your F&B brought the crowd to its feet. We are looking for new and innovative catering solutions for all event types.

    2. Best Corporate or Association Event (Budget under $100,000) It’s one thing to create a rockin’ event, but it’s quite another to do it on a budget. Let us know if you think you did the best with less.

    3. Best Corporate or Association Event (Budget over $100,000) Did your (Corporate or Association) event rock from top to bottom, from the pre-event engagement to post-event follow up and everything in between? If the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’, tell us how you made it happen.

    4. Best Innovative Entertainment Concept Take a bow! Do you have a new and innovative entertainment concept that wowed the audience?
    5. Best New Product Have you created a new product that event professionals need to know about, or already can’t live without? A fun rental item? Cool new software? Cutting edge technology? A combination of all three or maybe something else entirely? This is a category for event professional by trade and entrepreneurs at heart.

    6. Best New Non-Profit Event (Budget under $100,000) Did you pull off a wildly successful non-profit event on a budget? Do tell us all about it!

    7. Best New Non-Profit Event (Budget over $100,000) It’s no secret that events are essential to non-profits. So if your organization (or your client’s) is alive and well thanks to a first-class event, we want details

    8. Best Event Photography (Photos of event) Anyone who says a picture is worth a thousand words has never seen your work. Yours are worth at least two thousand. If you photography is the creme de la creme, we want to see it.

    9. Best Event Videography (PSA style or sizzle reel) Tell us about your “reel” — was it Oscar worthy?

    10. Best Room Deisgn/Event Decor/Set Design (Budget under $50,000) Did you have to provide champagne quality on a beer budget? Still rocked it? Tell us how you did it.

    11. Best Room Design/Event Decor/Set Design (Budget over $50,000) Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it’s also in the eye of the event designer. Show us how your vision – and visuals- helped take an event to the next level.

    12. Best Social Event or Wedding (Budget under $100,000) Did you throw a party that looked like a million bucks, but barely had the budget to pull it off? Tell us how you did it?

    13. Best Social Event or Wedding (Budget over $100,000) Everyone loves a goodparty, and you know how to throw one. Birthdays, anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings, let us know if there was one that took the cake.

    14. Best Use/Implementation of Technical Support Were you able to effectively leverage new or creative technologies to take their experience to the next level. From touchscreen technology to customized consumer interactives, some of th most innovative technologies are coming out of the event industry. If your technical achievements were key to an event’s success, let us hear about it.

    15. Best Use of Graphic Design
    Your art may be pring or digital (or both), but if your canvas includes invitations, presentations and signage of all kins, this is the category for you.

    16. Best Innovative Promotion/PR Concept and Execution This category recognizes a PR concept, press or social media promotionthat had your audience captivated with solid messaging and off-the-hook thematics.

    17. Best Activation of a Brand (Marketing) Awarded to the best activation program that infused a brand into the hearts and minds of influencers.

    18. Best Tradeshow Exhibit or Pop-Up Did you use a custom structure to create an unforgettable experience? The company that thought outside the typical box and created a trade show exhibit or a temporary retail environment that stopped traffic; experiences that opened for a short period of time (permanent installations need not enter). Judges will analyze objective, execution, and results, as well as overall design of store, messaging, and overall experience of the environment.

    19. Best Use of Guerilla or Street Marketing Street stunts? Flash mobs? If you hit the street for a brand with some creative juice, show us your best stuff.

    20. Hot Stuff Award This is an open category. If you have done something for the event industry that you think is award worthy, but does not fit any of our categories–submit here. Does your venue rock? Did you publish something new and fresh for the industry? Are you offering innovative event education? Then you’re hot stuff, and we want to share your spice.


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