When David Beahm Speaks, ISES Listens!

David Beahm

If Not Now, When? Making a Living and
Retaining Your Sanity in Special Events

On Monday October 24th, ISES New York Metro shared an evening of insight and inspiration with legendary event designer, David Beahm. The backdrop was the breathtaking panoramic views from the 14th floor of The Glasshouses. David’s presentation began with the Fibonacci Sequence, a sequence of numbers beginning with zero and one. Each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. Simply put, everything grows exponentially. And as applied to life and business, if you manifest good, good will continue to manifest. How do you manifest good? David turns to these four guiding principals:

  • The Golden Rule: Do unto others…
  • Universal laws of karma
  • Know thyself
  • Lose the drama!

He recommended Danny Meyer’s book, “Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business.” David also observed that as event planners we often have difficulty relenting control. He encouraged attendees to celebrate the control we do have and to BREATHE! Then, what came next made the evening truly extraordinary. David led the group in eight minutes of meditation! We emerged relaxed and truly inspired!

Special thanks Taylor Creative for setting the mood with their event furnishings, Cloud Catering for their delicious hors d’eourves and desserts and impeccable service, PSAV for providing presentation services and Treasured Memories captured fantastic photos of the event.

Click HERE to see more event photos.


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